Samsung Shows Some Love To The TI-OMAP-Based Galaxy S II I9100 By Giving A Heavy Scoop Of Android 4.0

It’s been a while since Samsung first released the coveted Android 4.0 update for its Galaxy S II smartphone… well– certain Galaxy S II models that is. Apparently the TI-OMAP-based I9100 model wasn’t lucky enough to get the original update in March, only some teases in the meantime. Well Sammy has officially decided to show some love and push the official update out to the I9100. As of now, the update is limited to I9100 devices in only a few countries, but there is hope the update will roll out globally within the next few weeks.

If you’re an owner of the TI-OMAP-based version of the I-9100, the time to enjoy that delicious Ice Cream Sandwich goodness is finally at hand!

source: GSM Arena

  • Concretesolid

    Unless your with sprint then you have to wait and wait and wait and wait….. They must be loading up the crapware they put on all their phones