Samsung Denies Involvement In “Wake Up” Anti-Apple Flash Mob

Yesterday we reported on the Australian flash mob outside of a Sydney Apple store where dozens of people dressed in black held up signs and chanted “Wake up!” to the people inside the store. This was believed to be staged by Samsung. Today, in a statement to SlashGear, Samsung Australia is claiming they have “nothing to do with the Wake-Up campaign“.

It’s understandable why Samsung would be the obvious culprit since they have been ramping up their anti-Apple advertising campaign. It started with the commercials poking fun at iPhone fans waiting in line for a device with already outdated specs. It was followed by a commercial showing how the iPhone 4S was not much of an upgrade to the iPhone 4, then by a SuperBowl ad that highlighted the power of the Galaxy Note’s S-Pen. And finally, there’s the teaser that essentially calls everyone not waiting for the Galaxy S III an iSheep.

The flash mob could very well have been a Samsung publicity stunt, put together by a 3rd party ad agency. Right now, no one has come forward… and who knows if anyone ever will, especially if Samsung really was behind it in some way. The general consensus is that if it was Samsung, it doesn’t really make them look good.

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source: slashgear

  • Chuckufarleyuk

    At the end of the day it’s the end product in the hand of the user that matter to the individual. I am swayed by my own investigations not by some company telling me to wake up and if you were moved,persuaded,motivated or indeed woken up by this marketing technique then you have just joined the easily influenced army. I do my own research and draw my own conclousions before parting with a single penny of my hard earned cash, and for the record I own an apple product and a Samsung product why ? Because they serve my needs my Samsung device is rooted and my apple device jailbroken