Next Sony flagship phone set to knock your socks off

If you’re a motorcycle aficionado then you’ll know the Suzuki Hayabusa to have been the fastest production bike in the world when it hit the roads back in 1999. The Japanese superbike was a symbol of speed and power, capable of top speeds close to 200 mph. With that in mind, the Hayabusa badge is one that shouldn’t be worn lightly and it just happens to be the codename Sony is using for its next flagship smartphone.

We’re pleased to report that the rumoured spec sheet lives up to the name. The following is a list of headline specifications :

The above image is a prototype of the device and even more exciting is that it may be due to hit the shelves as early as this summer. This could be huge for Sony if the rumours are true. Would this device sway you away from a HTC One X or a Samsung Galaxy S III? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


source : Baidu Forum

About the Author: Chris Stewart

Originally from Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland, I'm now living in the UK's second city, Birmingham. I've had a passion for gadgets from a very young age, it all started with my Commodore 64 at the tender age of 2 years old. I purchased my first mobile phone aged 17 and it was from there the obsession began. Having now gone through 33 phones in 13 years it's safe to say my passion for phones is alive and well! My current phone is the Galaxy Nexus as I'm a big fan of the pure Android experience. I've been working in the Banking industry for the past 10 years and I'm currently working in Human Resources for one of the World's largest Retail Banks. I spend my spare time with my wonderful wife and young family and when I'm not fiddling with phones and tablets I can be found playing football (soccer for you guys in the States!), watching Mixed Martial Arts, tinkering with cars or listening to music.

  • Hasan Javed

    if this information is true then count me in for it.

  • Tim

    It could….. I am waiting to decide on what I want…. One x or the S3….. Might wait a little longer……

  • Tiago Filipe Sequeira

    I’m a Sony (Ericson) fanboy and I do want to update from my Xperia Play so… If this is true then it may be my next phone. If not, then Xperia S. However, Xperia S’s design is the best one out there!

  • Jamie Taniguchi

    Samsung already took my socks, but it’s good to see Sony pushing along on the Android front.

  • e-greg

    It should become the new bestseller after the Galaxy S2.

  • Sid Elias

    Hell Yeh ill be buying before the others!
    I’ve always wondered what sony where doing of late. Let’s hope battery performance outshines the others. I’m a sony fan. Currently own a htc desire hd but ready to upgrade to one x. Don’t like build quality of samsung and their user interface much rather htc’s interface and build quality. If sony shows a great build quality then I’m in.

  • Chris K

    Its about time! Traditional Sony fans have stayed loyal due to unrivalled design, technology and innovation… Samsung is the new Sony and its about time Sony fought back!!

  • Howard Ha

    Sounds exciting, waiting to replace my Nexus One with either the SIII, One X, or this.

  • Murphdiggy

    No nfc?

  • Allwyn

    IDK, buying when it comes to buying a high-end phone right now, I’d only focus on the camera and the processor speed. Let’s say that is the SIII sticks at 8 MP or even if it upgraded to 10 MP, and this SE phone is clocked at a higher speed, I’d definitely go for this one. And I want stock ICS too. Until then, it’s SIII!

    • Adam Christoffer Duus-Boolsen

      Camera is so much more than MP… Lens size, sensor size, data processing… All of these will probably have more impact than the MP count. Look at the Xperia S: 12 MP, but produces crap photos next to the 8 MP iPhone or S3…