Droid Incredible 4G Launching on Thursday, May 10th?

A few days ago we got a sneak peak at Verizon’s Droid Does landing page for the Droid Incredible 4G. According to sources close to PhoneDog, the device may actually be released in just a couple weeks, on Thursday, May 10th. Unfortunately their sources don’t have any pricing information, but according to what we’ve already seen on the Droid Does website, it should be listed at $299.99 on contract. This is pretty standard fair for Verizon when they release a new Droid device.

As it goes with anything unofficial, we need to take this launch date with a grain of salt. Although the premature showing on the Droid Does website leads me to believe that the launch can’t be too far off, and May 10th is a Thursday which has historically been the day Verizon likes to launch phones. Luckily for us the 10th isn’t too far off and we should know more soon enough – we will keep you posted. Anyone looking to get this new Droid phone?

source: PhoneDog


  • Dave Diamond

    I am SO getting this!