Dropbox extends automatic photo uploads to PC and Mac and throws in an additional 3GB if you use it

With the Google Drive announcement this week, Dropbox isn’t going to lay low. They already launched a beta in February that enabled automatic uploads of your pictures and video from your Android phone, but now they’ve extended it to any smartphone, camera, SD card, or tablet. With the newest version for PC or Mac. All you have to do is connect your device, and with a few clicks, your photos and videos will be uploaded to Dropbox. Of course, if you have an Android phone, all your photos and video can still be automatically uploaded to your Dropbox account via the beta app.

As with the Android beta version, Dropbox is giving you the opportunity to grab an additional 3GB of storage for free (a total of 5GB). They will give you an additional 500MB for your first upload of photos or video, and then for each 500MB you upload, you will get an additional 500MB up to a total of 3GB. This still works with the Android app, but it now works with the new PC and Mac versions as well.

source: dropbox


  • Zomby2D

    I’ve had that possibility on my PC since february, as I was using the Windows beta as well as the Android beta. I tought it was available to all already.