DirecTV app now provides premium cable streaming to Android

More and more, people are turning to their mobile devices for a large part of their entertainment. Gaming, movies and catching up on the current events are now more convenient to enjoy when you can have it anywhere. The DirecTV app for Android has now released an update that will allow subscribers to stream premium cable content from HBO, Cinemax, STARZ, and Encore directly to their Android phone or tablet. The app already allowed you to browse and schedule recordings, so with this new update, you will no longer have to miss another Eastbound and Down episode. Hit the Play Store link below to get the goods.



Play Store Download Link

  • Ray

    Interesting…. But ‘premium’ subscribers don’t making update the bulk of their customers. When will content providers realize that they makes their money off “poor” people? A content provider war issues needed. Andrew it’s likely at hand. This is a weak offering. If they have included content for non ‘premium’ PEOPLE… I MIGHT not have continued with more plans to unsubscribe from directv. But instead, it reminded me to cancel.

    • Ray

      An edit option would be nice….

      • Ray

        Proceed to flame me….

  • gmanthebrave


    I suppose as a DirecTV customer I would rather have on
    demand streaming than nothing at all, or have to purchase the Nomad.  I would prefer live streaming though, and it
    seems DirecTV is having trouble providing that to their customers.  I remember thinking what a great idea it was
    for Dish to buy Sling Media, back when I started working for Dish because now
    they have a unique product to offer live and recorded TV on mobile
    devices.  I use the Dish Remote Access
    app to watch TV nearly every day on my iPhone and Galaxy Tab.  My favorite thing to watch is live sports,
    since they are better live than on demand.