Samsung Galaxy S3 specs exposed by AnTuTu benchmark

It seems that the popular AnTuTu benchmark database has stored some highly classified info regarding Samsung’s upcoming new Galaxy. The image above appears to list the complete specs list for the Samsung Galaxy SIII (note that it’s not Galaxy S3). Assuming that this is not faked, the info appears to be spot on with what has been whispered across the web for the last few months. From the 4.7 inch screen size to the recently announced Exynos quad-core processor, these specs look to take a big bite out of the competition. Of course in one week, all rumors will be squashed and only the truth will prevail. Stay tuned to Talk Android!

source: pocketnow


  • Ctsamados

    12 megapixel camera somehow I think this is BS.

    • Blade

      The Nokia N8 has a 12mp camera, so it wouldn’t be strange or a big surprise that the S3 has a 12mp camera. Also, the specs are inline with what most people are saying (including Samsung with their 1.4GHz quad core processor). So this could possible be the Galaxy S3 specs.