Galaxy Nexus Unlocked for $400 not just in Google’s Play Store


Just this past Tuesday we published an article that the Play Store is now selling the Galaxy Nexus unlocked and void of contract for $399. Awesome deal right? We are now noticing that offers like this are spreading outside the Google domain. Here we have found that  Expansys is also selling the Gnex unlocked and without contract for $399.99. The kicker here is that unlike the purchase you can make in the Play Store, Expansys is offering free shipping. So you could save a few bucks. You’ll also have the option to bundle the phone with a Simple Mobile plan if you are so inclined. Of course, you can just purchase the device and activate it on carriers like T-Mobile or AT&T.

So as with most device, as the weeks go by we continue to find the deals and the prices continue to drop. If you have the self-control, for one you are better than me, and second, you may stumble upon that perfect deal that will get this Galaxy nexus into your hands.

source: expansys