ZTE V66 tablet supposedly to be released as the ZTE Turbine on Verizon

Earlier this year we had reported leaked info on the mysterious ZTE V66 tablet that is destined for Verizon some time in the first half of 2012. Originally speculated to be released during Mobile World Congress last month, the ZTE V66 has some fairly decent specs listed, however there are still important details unknown, leaving prospective Verizon tablet customers wondering if and when it’ll ever hit shelves at all.

Fortunately, we may have another piece of this ZTE puzzle. An anonymous tipster who allegedly works for an accessory manufacturer that has proven to be fairly reliable in the past has reported that the official name of the Verizon bound V66 will be the “Turbine“. It’s unclear whether the ZTE brand will be incorporated with the Verizon name, like Sprint’s ZTE Optik, or if it will just simply be Turbine.

So it appears we may be one step closer to seeing the whole picture and hopefully with that, a release date in the near future. The specs of the ZTE “Turbine” will be on par with the ZTE Optik that was recently released as a budget tablet for Sprint, so we can expect similar pricing to be in place. Are there any Verizon customers looking to make the Turbine their future tablet?

source: pocketnow