Original Eee Pad Transformer receives minor update

Amidst all of the criticism aimed at many of the top Android manufacturers surrounding software updates, there is one company that has been pretty much on point since day one and that’s Asus. Whether it be minor bug-fixes or the roll out of Android 4.0, Asus has been consistently prompt and hassle free.

With the Transformer Prime getting a lot of love recently it’s the original TF101 that’s ready for a refresh this time around. The Android version is 4.0.3 and the build is The update is a minor one bringing some optimisation, bug fixes and most importantly it solves the UI lag many users have been suffering. Asus has provided a changelog listing the following improvements :

Improves system stability
Improves email stability
Improves AppBackup App
Improves MyLibrary stability
Supports Wi-Fi Direct
Supports unzip in File Manager
Add restore tab function in Browser

Perhaps it’s the impressive dedication to timely updates that scored Asus the gig as manufacturer of the first official Nexus tablet. Now what are you waiting for, fire up your Transformer and hit that ‘check now’ button as the update is already rolling out. Let us know your thoughts on the latest update in the comments below.


source: Android Community



  • Twitchreaper

    I just updated like 45 minutes ago, and I had the UI lag. Thankfully they fixed it, the ttransformer responds a lot quicker now. Thank you ASUS.

  • Fordstar

    Update made worlds of difference, now if some of the app dens would some more updates, it will help. Too many apps stopping with ics.

  • LinuxJedi

    I gave up waiting for this, my TF101 was unusable since the first ICS update.  Sold it a few weeks go.