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Samsung SGH-T879 Outed In User Agent String – Is This a T-Mobile Galaxy Note?

Tmonews¬†has posted a screenshot of a user agent string for the Samsung SGH-T879, a yet to be announced device. The info shown points to the possibility that this is a Samsung Galaxy Note headed for T-Mobile. The evidence is compelling, though not necessarily solid proof. Here’s what’s known.

The resolution is listed as 800 x 1280, which is currently only seen in the Galaxy Note as far as Samsung devices are concerned. The fact that the orientation of the screen resolution is 800 x 1280 rather than 1280 x 800 also points to a portrait-dominant device. Tablets are usually reported as landscape orientation.

Traditionally, Samsung/T-Mobile device model numbers are always in the form SGH-Txx9.

The user agent string shown in the screenshot is essentially identical to the SGH-i717, which is the AT&T Galaxy Note. The bluetooth doc for the SGH-T879 originally mentioned that it was a variant of the SGH-i717, though that comment has since been removed from the text.

This device is also classified as a phone by Blutooth SIG and the Wi-Fi Alliance (see screenshots after the break). All this evidence points to T-Mo getting some S-Pen action. When? Who knows. But it’s great to see Samsung pushing their devices to as many carriers as will have them.


source: tmonews

  • Frank Forte

    Could be a phone that was rooted from another provider.