Samsung Galaxy S III sports a disguise and smiles for the camera

After hundreds of leaked pictures, blurrycam exclusives and ropey mock-ups, the Galaxy S III has decided to strut its stuff on video for the first time. As ever this could well turn out to be a convincing hoax however this is about as authentic as we’ve seen to date. Samsung recently spoke out claiming that the identify of the Galaxy S III has been carefully protected and that none of the so called leaks have been accurate to date. Samsung also added that all test models are housed with a generic case in order to prevent any such leaks. With that in mind, this could well add some credibility to this video as the phone under the lens certainly sits in a bland case.

What we can take from this video are the specs of the device. We can see a quad-core 1.4 GHz Exynos processor, 1GB RAM, an 8 MP camera, NFC and a 1184 x 720 resolution HD screen. TouchWiz is also (unfortunately) present however I still hold out hope for the rumoured dual boot into stock ICS or TouchWiz. The Navigation buttons are on screen which would make this device the second phone since the Galaxy Nexus to use this feature, definitely a welcome inclusion.

So while these latest pics and video do not necessarily confirm 100% that what we’re looking at is definitely the Galaxy S III, what we can see is that this is a high end device with some impressive specs. It’s only a couple  more weeks until May 3rd when we’ll finally find out!

Check out the pics and the video and let us know if you think this could be the real deal in the comments below.



YouTube Preview Image

source : androidcentral

  • Blade

    Is it just me or is the phone in the video extremely slow? He had to tap on the icons a few time and the scrolling is not smooth at all. Opening the camera app was noticeably slow too. If someone was showing me that phone, first impression is, the Nexus is a better/faster phone.

  • Superduty

    it has black tape over the capacitive buttons on the sides of the Samsung logo … I guarantee this is not the s3!! FAKE !!!