HTC customers want thinner smartphones versus improved battery life according to research

We all have the perfect smartphone design brewing in our heads. We visit our local cellphone carrier and browse the net searching for a phone that will encompass everything on our wish list. HTC wants the same thing for their customers and has done some research over the last year to find out what features are most preferred these days. Afterall, what better way to save money on manufacturing costs than making phones that they know most of their customer base will want to purchase? The results showed that the majority of customers preferred to have a thinner, sleeker phone versus one that would be a little thicker for the purpose of housing a larger battery.

With this information now at hand, HTC has stated that improvements on battery life will still be a focus but not at the expense of thinner design, but rather though enhanced software efficiency and power management. Motorola couldn’t decide which route to take with their DROID RAZR line and opted to release both the super thin DROID RAZR and the battery conscious DROID RAZR MAXX. So what is the verdict? Is HTC’s information correct? What other features would you like to see HTC focus on as well? Let your thoughts be heard in the comments below.

source: theverge

About the Author: Tony Rosario

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  • Level380

    Lies….. Every smartphone owner wants better battery life!

    • Psywar


    • Martin

      Agreed. Spent 2 days at the conference charging my Motorola and my colleagues’ iPhones on and off. If the S3 doesn’t have a 2500 mAh (or last a full day heavy use) then I will be buying a Razr Maxx. A smart phone is great when it doesn’t run out of battery!

    • Kojitabe

      I am with you

  • Nick Chaplin

    While I agree that most people probably love the idea of a thin phone. Extended battery life is far more practical. I do very much like their plan to enhance software efficiency and power management. The Droid RAZR MAXX is still a relatively thin phone. I think 3000+ mAh batteries should be standard these days. 

  • Ben

    A thin lightweight phone with a dead battery even sucks at being a paper weight.

  • Martin

    Who ARE these idiots?  Don’t buy Android if you just want a fashion accessory.

  • Harry Millward

    I just got a big extended battery for my Galaxy S 1 and I’ve never loved it more! It feels right in my hand and less like holding a small scarp of paper. I’m totally fine with a thick beast (within reason) so long as it preforms well.

  • Amaestasjr

    Not sure HTC was talking to, but they must not own a phone. Give me battery life! I bought an extended battery for my EVO. I have big hands and love the feel of the thicker phone that I can actually hold without fear of dropping. 

  • Lukechandler1991

    Worst survey ever?

  • Ben

    Android phones were never meant to be fashion accessories but if you do want one then get a iPhone.
    Is there any good if you have a slim phone that has a crappy battery, no you can’t do s*it on that thing and besides many of us like a bit bulky phones as i have big hands and HTC Evo 3D feels good in my hand unlike other thin phones.