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New Infographic Suggests the ‘Strengths of Google’s Project Glass’

Many of you are probably excited, at the same time curious, about the possibilities of Google’s upcoming Project Glass. While we have already seen the prototype worn in public by Google’s Sergey Brin and demoed in the Project Glass announcement video, we still can’t help but wonder what endless possibilities may lie in the device’s future.

Thinking along those same lines, the creative folks at Seetio have created a infographic outlining future possibilities for Google’s pet project known as Glass. To see what these guys think the eye-wear could eventually accomplish is quite interesting and can be seen after the break. I mean, they claim this could be the end of tablets and smartphones! Really? Click on in and check it out.

Pretty trippy, huh? What do you guys make of Seetio’s predictions? Spot on, or way off? Did the miss something? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

source: Seetio
via: Android Authority




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  • Agents5116

    just shut up and take my money…

  • Agents5116

    just shut up and take my money…

  • Carlos Labastida

    Cool.. this will be the death of the iPhad