[Rumor] Redditor Claims to Know When the HTC Rezound and Motorola Xoom 3G/4G are to Receive ICS

Part of my editorial duties here at Talk Android include perusing various obscure outlets trying to find newsworthy information. Making my daily rounds this morning I stumbled across some interesting info in a not so obscure place – Reddit. As it goes with many things on Reddit, this bit of news should be dashed with a dose or Mortin’s but either way I figured it looked plausible enough to pass it along.

According to a Redditor who claims to work for Verizon in some capacity, they say that the HTC Rezound and Motorola Xoom 3G/4G have scheduled ICS release dates. Curious to know what they are? Join us after the break and I will give you the full low-down.

Although we already know that ICS is slated to eventually make an appearance on these devices, the lingering question has been.. when?! According to the Reddit user, the Rezound should see the ICS push on May 9th and both the Xoom 3G and 4G on April 23rd. He even claims to know when each device will begin their respective soak tests. The following information was taken from Reddit and further details are as follows:

HTC Rezound – 05/09

  • Software Update Version: 2
  • Soak Test: 04/16/2012 – 05/07/12
  • OTA: Verzion
  • Size: 297mb
  • Push OTA: 05/09/12
  • Pull Avail: 05/09/12

Xoom 3G/4G – 04/23

  • Software Update Version: 5
  • Soak Test: 03/29/12 – 04/19/12
  • OTA: Google
  • Size: 106mb
  • Push OTA: 04/23/12
  • Pull Avail: N/A

So there you have it folks. Like I said, I am not sure how credible this information is but either way it’s nice to dream, no? I guess we will have to wait for something more official to come down the pipe, or until the projected dates actually come to fruition. We will fill you in if we here anything more concrete.

source: Reddit

  • M42

    Well, Verizon has been promising updates to older phones like the incredible 2, but so far nothing has been pushed out.  If it’s left up to Verizon the ice cream will be long melted before they get around to doing anything.

    • Daniel Stein

      “..the ice cream will be long melted before they get around to doing anything.” ROTFL!!! I literally just died laughing for a sec! That would have cheered up the worst Monday, but I’ll take it on a Thursday lol!

  • king dedede & kirby

    Along with the when question. What else is Verizon going to add to ICS. Bloatware. Bloatware everywhere.