All Samsung Galaxy S III Leaked Photos May Not Be Accurate

The latest leaked screenshots of the most anticipated device from Samsung may not be accurate, according to what a source told The Verge. The source, said to be familiar with Samsung’s plans, claims they are on the right track, but the images show what may be a generic test box that holds the S III internals. These test boxes are used to hide what the final design of a device will look like and allows for internal testers to take the device out in public without leaking anything.

That’s not even close to the final design,” said the source. “No leaks of the final design have been accurate.

The security and secrecy surrounding the Galaxy S III is tighter than it has ever been for any product in Samsung’s history, rivaling that of a certain company in Cupertino. Apparently, security is so tight that the source doesn’t even know if the name will be the Galaxy S III. The press invites for the May 3rd event in London only say “the next Galaxy” so it’s very possible they might be breaking away from the S series naming scheme.

It’s good to know that the leaks have been inaccurate since I haven’t seen any that looked all that compelling. My only concern is that all the hype tends to raise expectations to astronomical levels, which could breed disappointment once the device launches. We’ll just have to wait and see.

source: theverge