Google Cloud Printing Now Supports Printing To ICS Devices, FedEx Office Locations, and Canon Printers

Remember when we had to install print drivers when we got a new printer, or look for a print driver online if you lost the disks? Remember when printing to a printer on a network seemed magical, like some sort of electronic teleportation of ones and zeros at light speed to generate an honest-to-goodness real paper print in all its colorful glory at the other end? Remember run-on sentences?

Anyway, Google Cloud Print has made me forget all that stuff… and now it’s gotten even better. With Google Cloud Print, you can now print to any FedEx Office® location in the U.S. by simply selecting “Print to FedEx Office” in the Cloud Print dialog. This will provide you with a retrieval code you can use at any FedEx Office® Print & Go self-service device at over 1,800 FedEx stores in the U.S. This is great if you need to print something for a colleague who is across the country. Think of it as a high-resolution and full-color FAX of the future. Remember FAXes?

Google also announced that Canon is joining the likes of Epson, HP, and Kodak, and are now making printers that are Google Cloud Print Ready.

Another improvement to Cloud Print, and the one we’re most interested here at TalkAndroid, is the addition of printing to your Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich phone or tablet. Once you install Chrome for Android Beta and sign in to your Gmail account, your Android devices will show up as a Cloud Print destination. This will essentially send a PDF of your document to your device. Pretty nifty.

Now I need to go buy a new printer since I’m out of ink and new printers are cheaper.

source: google chrome blog

About the Author: Ed Caggiani

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  • Jinkle

    People still use Canon? Haha… Hopefully they support HP soon!

    • Mei

      Actually…Canon color printers are way ahead then HP in terms of quality.  You heard of Canon cameras right?  It makes sense they would know how to make quality color printers for images as well.