Google Refreshes TV and Movies App for Google TV

Google is doing everyone a favor today by refreshing its TV & Movies app for Google TV. The refresh is designed to make it easier to browse and find anything you are looking for, which should make it more useful. Now you no longer have to wonder if your favorite show has a new episode, thanks to expanded information below every program. You can also hop into a new menu to see more details, rate the program, and tell Google whether or not it fits your interests. If you happen to love a certain station, you can add it to your Favorite Channels in order to see everything currently playing on it. You can add as many stations as you want to Favorite Channels so you will always have quick access to the ones you care about most. You can also add favorite movies and TV shows to your queue in order to watch later.

After the app updates and you log in, you will be given the chance to rate a variety of TV shows and movies. Google then takes that feedback to better cater recommendations to your tastes, so drama fans will not have to be treated to too many comedies. Anyone will be able to check out the Trending This Week shelf in Shows to find a new series to watch, and the list is updated everyday so you will not miss out. Everything being added helps make Google TV the go-to choice for movies and TV shows, with new content added all the time.

Source: Google TV

  • Vivian

    Do you need a cable/satellite subscription to use Google TV & Movies? I don’t have cable/satellite and Google TV & Movies app won’t let me in on the Logitech Revue. Thanks!