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Could this be the Galaxy S III? We doubt it!

Is anyone else bored of seeing so called “exclusive” photos of Samsung‘s hotly anticipated, forthcoming flagship device? I can honestly say that it’s reached the stage where I let out a little sigh when I come across a new mock-up or leaked photo. It’s to Samsung’s credit that this is the case, the hype and anticipation for the successor to the uber-successful Galaxy S II surpasses anything I’ve witnessed since the birth of Android. The rumours and speculation are simply a result of the astronomical success of the Galaxy range.

I’m now going to be a huge hypocrite and add further fuel to the fire by giving you a peek at the latest would-be Galaxy S III design. Gizmodo Brazil landed some exclusive photos of what it believes could be the Galaxy S III. The design doesn’t really stray much from the Galaxy S II, it’s reportedly a little thinner yet heavier and sports a 12MP camera. Gizmodo also reported that the device number is GT-I9300 which we had previously reported to be the Galaxy M. If the photo does turn out to be genuine then it backs recent speculation that the device may only be an incremental update and not the massive overhaul that everyone expects.

Roll on the 3rd of May, when the rumours will finally be put to rest under the bright lights of London town. Check out the images below and let us know your thoughts on the authenticity in the comments.

source : Gizmodo

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