Verizon announces new software update for the Motorola DROID 2

There is now a new update available for this DROID 2 named 4.5.621.A955.Verizon.en.US. The official Big Red update page lists a number of device feature updates along with a Google security patch. Plus a few other enhancements to e-mail, messaging, data, and applications and widgets. So as mentioned in the alert VZW “encourages” you to download this update.

If you haven’t already done so head to Settings>About>System updates and check to see if it’s arrived for your Android device. Verizon Wireless seem to have been dragging their feet on releasing this one. At least now you can enjoy a few more minor enhancements and fixes to your Motorola DROID 2 that probably should have arrived a while ago.

source: verizon