LG Optimus LTE Renamed To “Optimus True HD LTE” In A Dig Against Samsung’s Super AMOLED HD

LG’s Optimus LTE has already been galavanting around South Korea and Japan, and the U.S. has seen it as the LG Spectrum and LG Nitro HD. Now, right before launching in Hong Kong at the end of April, LG has decided to change its name to the LG Optimus True HD LTE. Name changes between markets is commonplace, so what’s the big deal? The big deal is the “True HD” portion of the name. It’s apparently a slam against Samsung’s Super AMOLED HD technology, which uses a Pentile pixel layout, meaning less sub-pixels per pixel, reducing some sharpness.

LG doesn’t think Samsung should use “HD” for it’s screens because of this, so they added “True HD” to call attention to the fact that their screens will NOT use a Pentile display and is therefore real HD. LG has also criticized AMOLED’s over-saturated colors and higher power consumption, stating that LG’s AH-IPS screens have a more consistent power consumption across varying levels of whiteness.

This amounts to mostly a spec war since most users cannot tell the difference between Samsung’s latest Super AMOLED HD screens (seen on the Galaxy Nexus) and other non-pentile HD screens, at least when it comes to sharpness and clarity. The higher color saturation is typically seen as a positive to most users who aren’t concerned with true color reproduction, but if they do any sort of semi-serious photography with their devices, it becomes more noticeable. All this drama will most likely go away as soon as Samsung releases their Super AMOLED Plus panels in time for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Check out some of LG’s slides comparing the two technologies after the break.

source: engadget

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