Pebble watch for Android (and iPhone!)

The dawn of the smart watch may well be upon us. After a rocky start with substandard devices such as the frustrating Sony Ericsson LiveView, 2012 promises to see a multitude of exciting options hit the shelfs. We brought you the news this week of Sony’s LiveView successor, the SmartWatch which already looks to be a huge improvement in many ways over the original. You should also check out our in-depth look at the versatile Wimm One watch to see what it brings to the table.

Next to step up the plate is the little known Pebble watch concept which surfaced through a Kickstarter campaign this week. The Pebble watch is set to support Android and iOS, sporting an e-ink display and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. The watch will allow you to check calls, texts, e-mails, social messaging alerts etc remotely from the watch screen. Music controls and fitness monitoring facilities are on board of course ensuring the spec sheet stands up to the competition.

The project was launched looking for up to $100,000 in funding to get the development up and running and once again the power of the internet has really delivered with Pebble Technology announcing that it had already smashed the original target, receiving $2 million dollars to date. The unexpected generous donations will go towards extra features and getting improved technology on board. The device is expected to retail for £150 when it launches however Kickstarter backers can reserve one for only $115.

Take a look at the video after the break for a taster of what to expect when the watch hits the market. You can also check out the Kickstarter project details in the link below.


source : Kickstarter




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  • Jim

    i think u forgot to mention the android iwatch which has been out for over 2yrs already, manufactured by an italian company….wont be surprised to see apppe sue them for the letter “i” again lol