Vodafone Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update not happening today

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but those of you with a Vodafone Galaxy S II hoping for some Ice Cream Sandwich love today are going to be disappointed. For now the news isn’t all that bad as they still plan on having it available tomorrow via KIES and over the air by April 17. Here’s their statment

Unfortunately Samsung have told us this morning that they are unable to make the update available to you as planned.

The new plan from Samsung is that the update will be available via KIES tomorrow, 13th April, and via Over The Air update on Tuesday 17th April. If this moves at all, we’ll of course let you know.

I know a lot of you, like us, will be disappointed at this last minute change of plan and we continue to challenge Samsung to make this available to you as quickly as possible.

Let’s hope tomorrow brings some good news!!

source: eurodroid


  • Bd30350

    Why is it that Samsung always botches software updates? I would think that they have done enough to know how to do it by now.

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    Let’s just hope there will be no more delay tomorrow!

  • Spanyelle

    has anyone got this yet i have just plugged in but no luck :(

    • Dtharrison

      I have tried updating with Kies,but no luck yet!!!!