HTC DROID Incredible 4G smiles for the blurrycam

Yes I’m still referring to it as the “DROID” Incredible 4G because I just don’t see Verizon dropping it from the DROID line while everyone else seems to call it the HTC Incredible 4G. Yesterday we showed you a press render, but we have some blurrycam photos to throw into the mix. It still amazes me that someone takes leaked photos of a device, but can’t focus. Does the person with the device really tell them it’s okay to take the photo, but please make it out of focus? Anyways, the specs on this puppy aren’t impressing me after the release of the One line and neither are these images. Right now if you’re on Verizon and a fan of HTC you have to feel betrayed. Is anyone really excited about this one? Hit the break for more blurred images.

source: androidpolice