Verizon HTC Rhyme Getting OTA Update… No, Not THAT Update

Looks like the HTC Rhyme on Verizon is about to start receiving an OTA update to version 2.20.605.3. Unfortunately, it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich. Nope, this update is just a boring old bug fix and tidying up release. Not too exciting. The documentation about this update lists the following changes:

Device Features

  • “ Ringtones” has been replaced with “Edit Home” when the Menu key is pressed on the home screen.
  • Updated signal strength meter to 5 bar Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI).
  • Mobile networks no longer disabled when using Power Saver.
  • Device is enabled with the Wireless Alerting System.

Device Dock Features

  • Default applications in Dock Mode have been changed to “Phone” and “Calendar”.
  • In-call volume control has been added to Dock Mode.
  • “All Apps” option has been added to Dock Mode.
  • Resolved issue of dock volume changing to 20%.

Applications & Widgets

  • Device displays available music on the device and provides an option to purchase ringtones from the MOD application when a user is attempting to set a new ringtone through a prepopulated list.
  • Mail shortcut now shows unread mail count.
This 67.8MB update should be pushing out in a matter of days.

source: verizon