Toray Introduces Self-Repairing Screen Protector, Heals Scratches In Under 10 Seconds

Ready to meet the last screen protector you will ever need? Meet Toray’s self-repairing film that has the capability of healing minor scratches and blemishes in under ten seconds flat. The film’s self-cure coating can repair itself up to 20,000 times as long as the damage doesn’t go beyond the special elastic cushioning layer. Toray uses a wet coating method to enhance the rejuvenating properties of this PET film and according to Toray, works better in lower temperatures. This doesn’t mean you need to stick your device in the freezer to repair unwanted scratches, room temperature is what produced the ten second repair you are seeing in the above image. Speaking of the above image (although a video demo would have been nice), I guess this was the result after scratching the film with a metal brush.

This new Toray film is set to be released as a decorative layer for a few unannounced noteboooks but I imagine it wont be long before we start seeing it available for select tablets and smartphones.

source: Tech-on
via: Engadget



  • Superduty1985

    That’s cool n crazy

    • Stacy Bruce

      Right? How cool would it be if they gave us a demo video!? I would love to see the tech in action!

  • Me_555

    I need this!