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T-Mobile HTC One S aces benchmark test

There’s nothing quite like comparing benchmark scores to work up mobile phone lovers into a frenzy. If past ventures have taught us anything it’s that the best benchmark scores don’t always equate to the best real life performance but that doesn’t stop us checking to see exactly what score our latest and greatest gadget can achieve. The Quadrant benchmark test is one of the better known benchmark tools for Android and the T-Mobile branded HTC One S is the latest device to be put through its paces and we’re pleased to report that it passes with flying colours.

HTC’s latest must-have device with its Snapdragon S4 dual-core 1.5GHz processor scored an impressive 4729 which places it streets ahead of high end devices like the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II. Who needs quad-core!

Our friends over at TmoNews also discovered some other interesting points about the device. T-Mobile US look set to have a 180 exclusive on the One S which is expected to launch mid April. The launch model is also expected to have a blue tint to the bodywork with the black and red trim variant launching later in June. The phone will also be receiving “Mao” treatment which stands for “Micro-Arc-Oxidation”. To you and I that means that the ceramic surface is 3 times stronger than steel, sounds good to me!

Keep tuned in to TalkAndroid and we’ll keep you posted as to when HTC’s faster than light and stronger than steel super-phone finally hits the market.

source : TmoNews

  • John Kerr

    Decent in many ways, but a paltry 16GB of internal storage and no micro-sd card slot – Thumbs down. 32GB is a bad enough trade-off, 16GB is inexcusably lame.

  • whitecherry

    Quadrant is very nearly fraudulent in terms of its usefulness in showing the “actual” speed of a device, in a real-world sense, so I take ANY statement that starts or ends with Quadrant benchmarking with a huge truckload of salt. 

  • Ne0

    I think T-mobile HTC one S is slower than international version, maybe is the crap they installed or use less quality hardware, quarant score was 4300 to 4600, about 10% lower than international version.