AT&T is getting close to launching the Galaxy Nexus

Andro Rev is reporting they have a source close to the situation and AT&T will be getting a Galaxy Nexus. They also report that an unconfirmed amount of standard AT&T SIM Cards are going out for testing. These are not Like Verizon’s micro SIM’s, which helps the rumor of it being 4G LTE. They have updated their post, to say that this is confirmed with this statement, Our tipster just added that the SKU for these SIM cards is 73057 and that they do seem to be 4G LTE enabled!!!!

There you have it folks, all the information we have at this time, but we will keep an eye on this as it develops. So stay locked right here with us, and leave a comment if you are ready for some G-Nex love on AT&T.

Source: Andro Rev
Via: pocketnow 

  • Matthew Glass

    :O  i think ill sell my gsm nexus now before the news gets out and pick me up some warranty, LTE (32GB?!?!?!?!) goodness, good pickup ma bell

    • Hanzd92

      For how much?

  • Roscoenwhite2

    *tears of joy*

  • Demusglyn

    Could be my next phone!