HTC’s 2012 Q1 Earnings Are Out and They Aren’t What HTC Wanted

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC released their  unaudited earnings for the Q1 of 2012. HTC earned a total revenue of NT$67,790 million, which is a decrease on their year-on-year of 34.92%. January 2012 was a bad month for HTC compared to January 2011. They had a 52.55% decrease from year-on-year(YoY). Things are looking up for HTC though. Even though they reported loses in February and March. The decline is slowing and looks to be turning around for HTC. The YoY for February was just under -37% and the YoY for March was just under -17%. It does look as if HTC is righting their ship and with the new HTC One line releasing, things can only get better from here. What do you think? Can HTC turn it around and post some earnings this year? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: HTC

  • Skarrufa

    I just bought the HTC one X. Its is FANTAAAASTIC.  If everyone else that buys is going to share my experience, I think HTC will do very well this year. Only reservations concern the battery, but it is far too early for me to  really comment on that seeing as I have not let it down from my hand since I bought it.

  • James Bond

    If they would stop making crap then maybe they would sell more phones and make more money.  Antenna issues and poor reception have plagued their phones from the beginning.  Not to mention the random boot problem, power button issues, dust under screens and periodically killing sd cards.  All issues that only HTC phones have.  

    HTC has said for two years they are aware of these problems and are working on a fix.  After two years they just keep turning out phones with these issues and giving consumers lip service that “they’re working on it” and they wonder why their profits are disappointing.

  • Jbk789

    How many years does it take to fix a battery problem?  The answer is a slightly larger battery.  They ruined the company by not responding to the T-Bolt problems in timely fashion.  Too bad HTC, many will not buy your product because of that.