Is Beats Audio Preparing to Release A New Streaming Music Service?

As if creating the most popular and arguably the best sounding personal audio equipment wasn’t good enough, Beats Audio co-founder Jimmy Lovine revealed to Bloomberg Businessweek that the company is looking to attack the streaming music market next. Lovine told BB that “subscription music online is culturally inadequate” and “it’s not satisfying right now.” He feels that a new streaming service done in the proper manner could provide something far beyond the downloading experience that iTunes currently provides. Make no mistake, he is not looking to compete with Apple and even says the company’s music service is “very, very good.” Lovine merely wants to create a streaming service that attracts hundreds of millions of subscribers, making the business model more viable and more successful than the services we currently have available.

As it stands right now, Lovine isn’t saying what will be different with this theoretical service but something must be in the works as he tells BB, “I can’t show the magic trick, but right now the services are utilities. We only see things in a complete thought.” As far as the previous rumor of a MOG buyout goes, we have heard stories that the deal is complete but we have yet to hear any confirmation from either company. Who knows, maybe HTC’s next flagship phone will not only have Beats Audio integration, it could have some sort of Beats streaming music player as well.

source: Bloomberg Businessweek
via: Electronista

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