Ice Cream Sandwich coming to the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX “soon”

If you remember our previous story, Best Buy had leaked that an update to Ice Cream Sandwich might be available on April 4th for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX. It seemed like this leak might be accurate when we heard that there was a build of Android 4.0.3 that was leaked and then pulled for the DROID RAZR.

But, here we are at April 4th, and nothing is stirring, even for the Motorola Feedback Network members.

Some people have sought out Motorola on Twitter to see if they could find out the truth of the matter. In response, Motorola Mobility announced that the DROID RAZR MAXX will indeed receive ICS, but there is no official release date. They’ll be giving out more details soon.

What do you think Motorola means by “soon”? Today, tomorrow, or next month? Let us know in the comments.

source: Motorola Mobility on Twitter

  • MNSk8r

    Motorola’s SOON is months away, I will probably see ICS on my Bionic by Christmas.

  • Anonymous

    It says they will share details soon.  It doesn’t say anything about ICS coming soon.  A very mis-leading article title.

  • Bsturk510

    Im looking forward to 5.0. Also thinking about switching to the dark side. Apple

  • Captainbc52

    tell ya what is going to be soon…me getting another phone!  I traded my perfectly good Droid X2 sometime ago for a RAZR.  I was thinking “with this much power it’ll have ICS in no time”.  What do I keep getting…that’s right MOTO/ Verizion kicking me in the junk!! 

  • Mary Sturdevant

    I am beginning to hate Verizon more and more. To be honest the only reason I stay with them is because of the discount that I get AND that I have unlimited Data… otherwise I would be gone.  Hate that they have me by the tits.