Motorola Android Powered Home Phone Visits the FCC

According to a recent FCC filing Motorola is prepared to bring an Android phone into your home via your land line. Yes, land lines are still being used apparently as Moto plans to offer up the HS1101 and MBP2000PU to users who desire a more smartphone-esque experience with their home phone.

The two devices that Moto have created appear to be the same except in color. They could potentially run Ice Cream Sandwich on their 3.2-inch 400 x 240 LCD display. Other features include a front facing camera with video chat abilities, stereo speakers, built in answering machine, Wi-Fi, microSD storage, micro USB and access to apps through SlideMe.

I am not too sure about this one, it looks damn ugly to me. And besides, I haven’t had a land line in like 4 years now that smartphones do exactly the same thing and more. Why add another monthly bill to your responsibilities when you already have those features in your pocket? What do you guys think? Does this appeal to you at all?

source: FCC
via: Engadget


  • Matthew

    This seems like a huge waste of time.

  • Roscoenwhite2

    These would be decent for small offices. *make it work shrug*