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Quick Thoughts On Soulcraft THD Beta For Tegra Devices

NVIDIA’s Tegra platform is no doubt a great one for showcasing Android gaming. We know there are plenty of Tegra-exclusive games out there, but there’s one game that’s standing out head and shoulders above the rest of the Tegra-based games. You may have heard about a certain Action-RPG called Soulcraft THD, which is pretty much a dark fantasy game on steroids. The beta has currently been in beta for a few months now and while the developer Mobilebits claims there are still some bugs to be worked out, the game runs incredibly fluid while the graphics are smooth like butter.

The game is more or less in the freemium category, but there are still an abundant amount abilities you can achieve and master in the game. This comes in the form of spells, powers and weapons like different swords you can obtain. Moreover, the spells and hits you dish out are easy to perform thanks to responsive controls. As the game comes out of beta and is officially launched, you can expect there will be even more combinations of spells and weapons especially as more and more gamers create their various characters and fight with or against each other.

Now that I’ve played the beta for a solid month, I can solidly recommend it to any and all owners of a Tegra-based device, despite it only being a beta now. If you’re ready to destroy some demon tail, be sure to give Soulcraft THD a shot. Just be prepared to distance yourself from reality for a while.

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