Android 5.0 Jelly Bean ROM Leaked For Galaxy Nexus

by Ed Caggiani on
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You gotta hand it to the folks at XDA. They always seem to be three steps ahead of everyone. Today thing bring a huge leak for owners of the Galaxy Nexus… Android 5.0 Jelly Bean! Keep in mind, this is an early experimental build, not for daily use. Here’s a list of what’s working and not working:


Not Working
-Basically everything

So if you’re brave enough to flash this very early build, visit the source link below. Please let us know how it works!

source: xda

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  • Jaloopa

    I call April fool

  • Paintball_rules_16

    It be more believable if more devices were running ICS, which a lot are not…. Definitely April fools ahaha  Have to do better than that

  • Anonymous

    Booo… I’m hoping we get a REAL glimpse of Jelly Bean at Google I/O though! Apple really has closed the gap in OS functionality with iOS 5. I’m looking forward to see how Jelly Bean advances the standard once again!

  • seth

    Yeah Google is not even close to releasing the SDK or the framework for 5.0. Is that seriously the best joke you have?

    • RTWright

       Stop taking it so seriously man, it’s what April Fools is about!  If it made you look?  And obviously it did!  They did a good one then, hahaha!

  • Pnkr0cker

    The fact that they called this a ROM made it obvious it wasn’t real. I seriously doubt for this to not be released for PC initially.

  • YourMainDude

    The fact that the tags show April fools on it is certainly a joke lol

  • Ante4574

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