Android 5.0 Jelly Bean ROM Leaked For Galaxy Nexus


You gotta hand it to the folks at XDA. They always seem to be three steps ahead of everyone. Today thing bring a huge leak for owners of the Galaxy Nexus… Android 5.0 Jelly Bean! Keep in mind, this is an early experimental build, not for daily use. Here’s a list of what’s working and not working:


Not Working
-Basically everything

So if you’re brave enough to flash this very early build, visit the source link below. Please let us know how it works!

source: xda

  • Jaloopa

    I call April fool

  • Paintball_rules_16

    It be more believable if more devices were running ICS, which a lot are not…. Definitely April fools ahaha  Have to do better than that

  • Anonymous

    Booo… I’m hoping we get a REAL glimpse of Jelly Bean at Google I/O though! Apple really has closed the gap in OS functionality with iOS 5. I’m looking forward to see how Jelly Bean advances the standard once again!

  • seth

    Yeah Google is not even close to releasing the SDK or the framework for 5.0. Is that seriously the best joke you have?

    • RTWright

       Stop taking it so seriously man, it’s what April Fools is about!  If it made you look?  And obviously it did!  They did a good one then, hahaha!

  • Pnkr0cker

    The fact that they called this a ROM made it obvious it wasn’t real. I seriously doubt for this to not be released for PC initially.

  • YourMainDude

    The fact that the tags show April fools on it is certainly a joke lol

  • Ante4574

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