Verizon’s Wireless Pay-TV Plan

Verizon is looking to provide its customers with a wireless video service this year. They are in discussions with television programmers to prepare even before getting FCC and DOJ approval for the $3.9 billion purchase of spectrum from cable operators. “Technically, I think we could have something out that would be the beginnings of an integrated offering in time for the holidays,” said Verizon CEO Lowell C. McAdam to the Wall Street Journal.

This service would allow pay-TV customers to take their TV watching mobile. There are already many streaming TV services available, but most are limited to Wi-Fi access. McAdam says the potential to negotiate outside-the-home streaming rights exist, as well as the opportunity for à la carte programming.

The cost of this service is still a question mark, but be prepared for a consumption-based approach rather than an all-you-can-stream plan. It is also not known how, or if, the Redbox deal enters into this.

source: wsj
via: engadget

  • Noyfb

    this is great news for all those without unlimited data, lol