HTC One X Gets Unboxed Ahead Of Schedule

by Roy Alugbue on
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You can’t help but be jealous of the fact some folks get coveted items before the masses. Such is the case with the lucky French blog HTC-Hub who managed to get their hands on the mouthwatering HTC One X smartphone and share their unboxing video with us. As you can see, the box is a bit on the unusual and cramped side– but gorgeous nonetheless. In addition, they are incredibly delicate with the thin device and the put its gorgeous 4.7-inch display in clear view for our eyes to see.

Ready for more yet? Hit the break to check out the unboxing video of the sweet phone.


YouTube Preview Image


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  • Superduty1985

    I wonder if this screen is dull compared to a Samsung phone like the gs2 skyrocket vs the HTC vivid. That has always kept me from getting a HTC is the color quality of the HTC they are like a plasma TV n the Samsung is like a top of the line led TV