Wall Street Journal: Google Plans an Online Site For Direct Sales Of Google Branded Tablets

It appears that Google wants to get back into the direct sales department. They reported plan is an online store for Google branded tablets. If you remember, Google tried to sell to the masses with the Nexus One. It had lackluster sales and wasn’t embraced by many. According the WSJ, “people close to the matter” have said that Google plans to try it again. Only this time it’s going to be with tablets.

Google is desperately trying to cut into Apple’s share of the tablet market. They haven’t had much success, as they currently only control 20% of the market share. Google has been gaining on Apple, but not at a rate to make Apple worry. Back to the story at hand. The “people close to the matter” also claim that Samsung and Asus are going to be big players in the hardware department. This all sounds familiar, as Asus is rumored to be making the first Google branded tablet this year. Also they report that we may even see Jelly Been by the middle of the year, maybe even on the rumored Asus tablet.

There is no word on when Google plans to launch the online store. Google has neither confirmed or denied this. With the purchase of Motorola so close in their grasp, one could speculate, they are keeping it under wraps for that reason. Google will finally be able to build a tablet, or smartphone, exactly the way they want.

Only time will tell how this plays out for Google. They have tried this before and it didn’t go so well for them. It didn’t break them, but maybe they learned from it and now have a better idea as how to go about.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  • Chris

    So let me get this straight.  Google has gone from 0% to 20% in a little more than a year, but they are desperate to cut into market share?  Apple on the other hand, has gone from 100% to 80% in the same time frame, but they aren’t worried?  

    I think your adjectives are a little backwards.  Seems to me that if things continue progressing like they are, in a few more years Apple will lose control of a market they created and Google will hold majority share.