Widespread Google Play Store Glitch Causing Apps To Disappear… Literally

Having trouble accessing certain paid apps or seeing errors when browsing for apps in general on your Google Play account? No, you’re not crazy— and you’re not alone either. There have been reports for the last few days highlighting paid apps are not showing up on either a device or even on the web, in addition to the dreaded RPC (Remote Procedure Call) message also. While all paid apps are most likely safe and sound even despite this major glitch, it is a nuissance nevertheless. Hopefully Google gets this kink worked out sooner than later.

source: XDA Forums

Thanks Johann!

  • Guest

    I often see “not compatible with your device” on GooglePlay… even when I can download the same app elsewhere… and it runs fine.

  • http://twitter.com/androidcore Android Core

    This happenned to me. Apps on MyApps list on PlayStore on phone (droid razr) would be gone, but be in my App drawer on my phone and on web library. Cleared cache and data and uninstalled updates on Playstore. Rebooted phone.. 15 min later Playstore re-updated itself. Works fine now. 

    BUT… as for Temple Run, and other games and apps like AB Space per other forums, my device isnt compatable. Funny. So I delete AB Space. Not I cant re-download it cause Razr isnt supported-NOW.. LMAO

    Gotta love Playstore

  • Blackstone Bail

    Why did my EMINEM Curtain Call mp3 disappear is it doing it to music too? Funny thing the music was downloaded for offline use and when I’m on Google music it is not listed but if I got the market and specifically type in albums name it shows up. But if you type in his name when his music shows up that album does not say purchased like my other ones. Is a music purchase considered an app?

  • Trystan

    I open Play Store, the loading sign pops up with a grey background, then the app closes and a message pops up saying “The application Google Play Store (process com.android.vending) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” This happened just after purchasing 2 apps. :( I have tried to re-open the app about 50 times now and still the same problem persists. I have also restarted my device about 5 times now. Still same thing. Please Help me!

    • Mel

      I am having them same problem….urgh!

  • Atharv

    I download an app, it shows 100% after some time (normal). Then, the download bar disappears (normal). I open Google Play and find out that the app is not downloaded. It doesn’t even show an error.