O2 Galaxy S II now getting Ice Cream Sandwich, What about the Unlocked UK models?

O2 just announced the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update is now live for the Galaxy S II, Of course, as usual it’s available through the Kies software. Last week Three was able to release the update so we are now at two carriers. We don’t expect to see T-Mobile UK or Orange until April, and Vodafone will likely follow suit.

What is alarming is that unlocked (non carrier branded) Galaxy S II owners in the UK are still waiting for the update. It was two weeks ago when Samsung released the ICS update, and usually the unlocked devices are the ones to get the update first. It’s always the carriers that cause the delays. We are fully used to that here in the U.S. as it’s a bigger joke here. Unlocked Galaxy S II owners in Hungary, Sweden, Poland, and Korea have received the update, but nobody in the UK.

On the situation, Samsung had this to say:

Samsung UK is working hard to bring Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) to our Galaxy S II customers. We are unable to confirm exact dates as the software testing and approval process is subject to several variables, but we are working as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience.

Of course there are always hacks you can do to get the update, but seriously, the majority of people don’t want to do that. They just want the update. It’s already bad enough that only a handful of overall Android devices even have ICS 5 1/2 months after the SDK was released, and this only makes things worse. I’m definitely on the Android side of the fence for sure, but I am seriously concerned about updates. People are already talking about Jelly Bean, but not even 2% of the users have ICS. That to me is something that is seriously broken and needs to be fixed.

source: androidcentral



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  • Guest

    Unbranded Galaxy S2 in the UK have been snubbed with previous updates as well. They have been on Gingerbread 2.3.4 since October 2011, while network branded phones have received 2.3.5 and 2.3.6 updates since then and now ICS.

  • Andrew Hutchings

    I’m still waiting on my UK unbranded S2, but I’d rather wait than have my device made useless like my Asus Transformer now is after that ICS update.