Gameloft Announces New Games, Plus All 2012 Titles To Include In-App Purchases

It’s nice to see Gameloft publishing more free games into the Google Play Store these days. Gameloft announced in their annual financial report that more free apps are coming, including The Dark Knight Rises, Ice Age, The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, My Little Pony, and Littlest Pet Shop. So how are they providing so many apps for free? With in-app purchases, of course.

Every game the studio releases this year will apparently be “heavily social” and include in-app purchases. Looks like they are taking a page from Glu Mobile with this method of monetization, and with this level of commitment, it seems like it’s been working for them.

Free games are good, but some folks dislike the concept, feeling that it’s unfair to keep certain features that would make the game complete behind a pay wall. Personally, I have no problem with Gameloft’s implementation of in-app purchasing since they seem to keep it pretty well balanced and still playable without requiring payment.

What are your thoughts on in-app purchases? Tell us in the comments!

source: pocketgamer
via: droidgamers

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  • Richard Bown

    What I don’t like is not having the choice,.given a free game with ads or a pay game without, I’ll pay every time. The way you have to top up within games is infuriating!

  • Motorola Atrix forum

    Bring out an Iron Man game.

  • Rizzo999184

    The game is not free with in app purchases it is more expensive. Also the money you spend on the game is lost when you uninstall it. The game is not yours.They loan it to you!

  • Ray

    I hate the in app purchases. I have a 5 year old that plays he doesn’t know any better and clicks on the purchases. I now know there is a pin lockout on the market but before I thought it would be a problem he purchased $50 worth of useless coins. I wrote and explained what happen and they just said too bad even though he is 5 he clicked on a yes I am older button they said. Well since he can’t read that is real helpful. Bottom line there are no refunds for in-app purchases so be careful. I will not be installing game loft anymore. I would rather have a set cost upfront and know what a game is going to cost before you spend $100 for a game through in-app purchases.

  • Ivan Samuelson

    Boo to the in-app purchases. I’d rather spend $5 or $6 for the game and to have everything there.

    The Pro NFL 2012 game they released is awful. Sure, you can just grind it out and get the better playbooks, but what about the bugs and the bad implementation? I mean, come on! I don’t have to take time-outs! It stops the clock after each and every play. What is that?

    I’d rather they spend their time and effort in creating a non-free game, ensuring the bugs are out rather than releasing a free-game that has in-app purchases that you really have to buy in order to advance in the game. In the end, I’d be spending MORE money (which is what I know they want) in order to advance.

    GameLoft had some really good games in the past, but now, I’m thinking I’ll be avoiding them at all costs (no pun intended).