Labs features on way to Google Play Music

Google Play Music has come a long way since it originally hit the market as Google Music beta and if the Google Operating System website is anything to go by, it could be about to get even better. The sneaky snoops managed to unearth the Google Play Music source code and the bounty within gives a few clues towards some forthcoming features. The most interesting discovery was a ‘Music Labs’ page and if you know your Google, you’ll know that Labs is used as a testing ground for experimental features and works in progress that may or may not make the final product.

Some of the new features we can expect to see include a browser based music uploader which would likely replace the desktop application. There’s also a new history section which is likely to show you play counts and other trends. It also looks like there will be different visuals available, perhaps allowing you to skin the music player to your taste.

There’s no timeline on when we could expect to see these new features and in typical Labs fashion we may not even see some of them at all, but we can be certain to see the evolution of Google Music as the year rolls on.


source : Google Operating System


  • Anonymous

    Sounds great.   So, are they finally going to fix the laughable album art matching?   I still have Frank Sinatra’s album art figuring prominently on my Google Music Grateful Dead music. If not, then I’m sticking with Amazon.