Nokia N9 Owners, Get a Taste of Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Make no mistake, the Nokia N9 is a beautiful piece of hardware. The software, however, is obviously not my favorite. It would seem the NitDroid project agrees. The culmination of their latest efforts have produced an alpha build of Android 4.0.3, Ice Cream Sandwich, specifically for the Nokia N9. For an alpha build the aspects successfully working are actually quite extensive. Even cooler is the addition of a boot selection screen, meaning upon powering on the device you’ll have the option to boot into the default Mee-Go OS or Android. . Being alpha, there are a few things inevitably missing, accelerometer and Wi-Fi are a couple high priority aspects, but otherwise it truly looks to be working well, including access to the mobile network. Whether you own an N9 or not, you’re going to want to see…what could have been.

source: NitDroid
via: SlashGear

  • Spike

    Now this is some interesting new. I agree with you, Nokia hardware is excellent and the N9 is no exception, just a shame about the OS. But with ICS this might be a fun little play thing. Well, if you can get one for a decent price. Plus I’m a big fan of anything cyan and it’s good to see the designers at Nokia have managed to make something that isn’t just a black slap. Off to Ebay I go to look for a cheap one!

  • Green Onion

    Can anyone port MeeGo to Galaxy Nexus? I like MeeGo and webOS

  • Green Onion

    kernel 2.6?