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Google Voice App updated to offer voicemail integration in call log on ICS


The folks at Google have just released an update to the popular Google Voice app for ICS users everywhere. In the past, you would check the phone for missed calls, then open your Google Voice app and find the voicemail from the missed caller. Google has removed the middle step. Now, once you are in the call log, there will be an option to play the voicemail directly from the list of missed calls. Just another small detail that will make things run smoother and more efficiently during your daily activities. Thanks Google! Hit up the link to update your ICS Google Voice app.

source: Google Voice Blog


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  • Jim Farmer

    P.S. Before this showed up for me in the call log I had to manually enable it in Google Voice settings. Just a heads up if it isn’t automatically working for you. 

    • Asdf

      When are we getting Empty Trash?

    • JimboPCDude

       I had to enable it in Voice Settings.  It works now.  Thanks Jim

    • Jack Holt

      I had to do the same thing Jim. But this is a pretty awesome update indeed.