Rumored Samsung Galaxy S III Press Render Photo Surfaces

Boy, it seems like the Samsung Galaxy S III leaks just keep pouring out today, doesn’t it? We just heard some news earlier highlighting Samsung may introduce the Galaxy S III sometime next month, but now we have more juicy info to share with you all. As you can see in the screenshot above, another alleged official rendering of the upcoming smartphone has been leaked out and as you can see, it sure is a beauty. One thing you’ll notice right away from the latest leaked render of the device includes only 3 capacative buttons including the Home button being featured in the middle, which seems to fall in line with another leaked renderings we’d seen earlier in the week… and the week before that. So much for the smartphone having an all-screen display as we’d previously seen before.

Complimenting the leaked rendering are the latest leaked internal specifications of the device. For starters, there is a 4.7-inch HD Super AMOLED Plus screen with 720p resolution in a thin profile— 8mm of total thickness. Also, rumor has it there will be a a quad-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and a 12 megapixel camera with full 1080p capable of recording at 60fps along with a 1,750mAh battery.

Keep in mind this is still speculation, so the rendering and subsequent specs may be incorrect. But you have to admit, this latest rumor sure does give a strong indication of what we can expect from the ultra-hyped smartphone, doesn’t it?

source: pocketnow

  • Motorola Atrix forum

    Too thin! BLEH

    • Jamie Taniguchi

      Too thin? The S2 is only 8.49mm so if you’re fine with that then the S3’s (potential) reduction of 0.49mm shouldn’t be a show stopper. What a silly thing to gripe about though really. My hands are pretty large and I have no issues with the S2 and can’t see 8mm being an issue.

  • Emunny05

    If the battery is that small i will be very disappointed.