Survey: Android users have less sex than iPhone users

(Disclaimer: the statistics used here are a little questionable, so take them with a grain of salt)

Don’t worry, this article is SFW.  New data compiled from popular dating site OkCupid has revealed that iPhone users are twice as likely to have sex than Android users.  Speak for yourselves!  The numbers were pulled when camera data was cross referenced with user profile information.  EXIF data from photos taken by both Android and iPhone users was then compared to their personal information (which is where the validity of the statistics comes into question) and it was found that iPhone users are self-reportedly twice as likely to do the nasty. Refer to the chart below for a side by side comparison, which also shows Blackberry users somewhere in the middle:

This data could also be interpreted to conclude that iPhone users are twice as likely to lie, so I’m going to chalk it all up to a bit of fun.  Do you think there is any validity to these results?  Please leave your comments below so we can hear your thoughts!

[via Gizmodo]

  • Tony Hedges

    Aww you thought of my comment already! I was going to say that Android users tell the truth and iPhone users obviously don’t!

  • NRV

    Iphone users just like to show off !

  • Rich

    Agreed. Of course iPhone users say that! Android users are all about openness! :)

  • Ethan

    Here’s another example of lies, damn lies, and statistics! From all the analysis I thought this study was about sexual partners, not amount of sex! Basically this says to me that the Apple fanbois aren’t picky and arte willing to sleep with anyone, an Android user on the other hand is more likely to be faithful.

  • curse

    or turn the statistics.. this was about profile pictures taken from what phone OS. I don’t know about you lot, but my iPhone using friend got loads more pictures of me then I got, however I got loads more pictures of him.
    May it be that this statistics say absolutely nothing else then that people that get “lucky” got a friend with an iPhone?

  • tank

    Blame Grindr and Scruff

  • Buzz

    I don’t get it – are the pictures of people having sex? If that’s the case then more iPhone users are voyeurs, possibly peeping through windows?
    Or is it just pictures of a naked person? In which case I would say its probably just narcissistic iPhone users taking naked pictures of themselves in the mirror.

  • Babe Chatlive

    android phone has less sexual activity than iphone.