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HTC Ranks Highest In Android Satisfaction According To J.D. Powers

J.D. Powers and Associates just released Volume 1 of their 2012 smartphone satisfaction survey, conducted from July through December of 2011. This survey measures how satisfied consumers are with their smartphone experiences, and although Apple took the top spot overall, the next three on the list are Android manufacturers, with HTC in the lead.

The survey asked 7,080 consumers to evaluate performance, ease of operation, physical design, and features. Only two manufacturers surpass the industry average of 774 (out of 1000)… Apple, with 839, and HTC with 798. Next is Samsung with 769, then Motorola with 758.

The introduction of 4G smartphones has skewed numbers downward due to the toll they take on battery life, with respondents ranking battery life an average of 6.1 out of 10. The largest negative impact, however, was with software malfunctions.

About 21% of respondents reported they had a software malfunction, and those users recorded a 77 point gap in satisfaction compared to those who did not experience a device malfunction.

The study found that Apple, HTC and Nokia all improved on their ratings compared to the previous survey. All other manufacturers’ satisfaction levels were lower than before.

I know I had some early issues with my HTC Evo 3D‘s battery, but after I switched it for a new one, the issues seem to have cleared up. Overall, I am very satisfied with my phone… but will always want what’s just around the corner. Can you say Galaxy Nexus or HTC One X?

How would you rate your satisfaction level with your current phone?

source: jdpowers (pdf)
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  • Ruud V10

    Well, i think they should put new category there i.e. Galaxy Nexus. Perfect gadget :-D

  • Ghy

    I love my HTC Amaze it is fast and the quality is superb