Android Cupcake Updates Underway!

It seems that the long awaited Cupcake update is finally beginning to surface on some G1 handsets!

T-Mobile UK have announced that the Android ‘Cupcake’ 1.5 update has begun rolling out to UK G1 owners, and according to a few Gizmodo readers T-Mobile US have also begun their ‘over the air’ updates.

Have you received the Cupcake update? Let us know in our Android updates forum what you think of the new features!

  • rockyoursockz

    Omg..i havnt received mine ! =(

  • rockyoursockz ur current apps get erased?

  • Elad

    check out my game – i’m converting it to cupcake now!

  • Desire

    Well well well. Once again it seems you do not know your Android well. Well you are in the right place because some people here do know about the Android.

    Now to answer your question… you apps will not get deleted but some of your apps might not work with this update due to different specifications.

  • ugh

    ^^^ ugh. Stop talking.

  • Stop speculating

    This goes to show that only idiots speculate. There is no Cupcake for TMOBILE users in the US for atleast another 2 weeks

  • Electronic Buffet

    As a UK user I have just received the “cupcake” update from T-Mobile video capture/keyboard etc. The only app that needed some user help was the IM tool as it seems the update had broken the short-cut link. Just need to buy that new 2600mAH battery I have been promising myself….

  • sFn

    t-mobile germany has started this night to ota-update

  • taz

    I have just received the update (U.K.) Still no Voice search, no latitude (though on Maps V3.0), would love to know why when rest of world has it. and other uk phones also have it. Still no IM other than Google talk. Got a new Diary Widget (that says I have no appointments for today even though I have). Don’t think the Amozon MP3 is ever going to come to the U.K.

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