Nvidia Tegra 3 vs. Apple A5X

As is the case with every big Apple announcement, the Cupertino giant made some bold claims in the middle of the presentation for its latest magical device, The new iPad. Specifically Apple was quick to throw up some graphs showing that its new A5x dual-core processor has four times the graphics processing power when compared with Nvidia’s latest and greatest, Tegra 3 quad-core processor. Naturally Nvidia was quick to respond to Apple’s claims and so begins the war of the latest chapter in the war of the processors.

Here at TalkAndroid we feel that actions speak louder than words and thankfully the team at Laptop Mag agree. Armed with the new iPad and an Asus Transformer Prime they went to work putting both processors through a series of real life tests and benchmarks with some surprising results.

In terms of Graphics performance, benchmarks showed that Apple’s claims were pretty accurate with the A5X processing twice as many frames at twice the speed. Interestingly, when actually testing the same game on both devices it was noticed that the real world differences were not actually very significant. The iPad’s screen displayed sharper, brighter images which is largely down to the high resolution display. The Transformer Prime showed some additional graphical touches that weren’t present on the iPad but that could well be down to optimisation within the game.

When both devices were put through their paces in number crunching and raw processing power, the Nvidia Tegra 3 chip came into its own. The Transformer Prime outperformed the iPad in integer, floating point and memory performance by almost 3 times the score. Benchmarks on browser performance were extremely similar with the iPad slightly edging the Transformer however again this could be down to browser optimisation.

In summary we can see that both chips are extremely powerful and excel in different areas. It’s safe to say that the average consumer is unlikely to be disappointed with either. If gaming is the primary motivation behind your tablet purchase then the iPad might be the better option. For every day tasks, the Transformer should offer a bit more grunt.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts on how the two processors compare in the comments.



source : Laptop Mag

About the Author: Chris Stewart

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  • Anonymous

    If the iPad was getting similiar FPS in a game as the Transformer, and assuming the game is running at the higher resolution of the iPad, then the iPad was INDEED running much better than the Transformer.

    I’m no apple fan but without knowing whether the game was running at the “retina” resolution, we can’t say much about it’s performance.

    • http://twitter.com/Yeaitsponce Jason Ponce

      Sadly the game was “blown up“ in its original 720p format but that can easily change as soon as developers begin optimizing current apps to the new unit.

  • http://twitter.com/Yeaitsponce Jason Ponce

    Cant even spell optimization right?
    Im being a dick :-P other then that good review, still want to see Nvidias in house benchmark results

    • Chris Stewart

      I’m British, that IS the correct spelling. ;-)

  • Anonymous

    so wait a minute, you don’t get as much details and effects in iPad, but the text is much crisper and the sky is bluer so the iPad is better? what kind of a logic is this? do you play games for the text in it?

  • nutz211

    Really dude the text is crisp??? Wow that dontt make no sense ,so apple is that the best you can do a higher resolution screen cause that A5X sucks ,is not better graphics look plain with no detail ,inovation apple ,innovation, please !!