HTC One X Webpage Up On Virgin Mobile

The smartphone with the most buzz at Mobile World Congress this year was probably the HTC One X. With its Tegra 3 Quad-Core (dual-core Snapdragon S4 in the U.S.), 720p HD screen, and ImageSense technology, it’s a monster of a phone. Australian carrier Optus will be carrying it, and now it looks as if Virgin Mobile has outed its intentions with a fresh new webpage for the device.

The page mentions to check back in early April for updates, and to follow @VirginMobileAus on Twitter to find out when the HTC One X will be in stock and available to order.

I’m looking forward to when this phone arrives on Sprint in the U.S., and when it does, I will have a hard time deciding between it and the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. Not a bad problem to have.

source: virginmobile
via:  ausdroid


  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus vs HTC One X? Unfair fight! Does the Nexus have a dedicated chip for the camera? Game, set and match to HTC!

  • Derail Doax

    I get really annoyed when articles don’t specify which Virgin Mobile they’re talking about. There’s a Virgin Mobile Canada, Virgin Mobile Australia, as well as a Virgin Mobile USA. None have the same phones, and the USA carrier doesn’t even use the same technology. I have to assume its for the Australia ViMo because of the twitter account. Please in the future be clearer in the article. Other than that, great job and thanks for kicking ass.