CyanogenMod 9 improves security for root users

As Android continues to become more and more popular, coupled with the open-source nature of the software, the need for higher security is on everyone’s mind. In the past, flashing a custom ROM, such as CyanogenMod 7, would automatically enable root access to your phone, leaving your phone immediately vulnerable to potential security threats. Along with the risks came the freedom to customize your phone like no other mobile software could offer. Now with the most recent CyanogenMod 9, CM has merged 3 patches into their latest ROM that will disable automatic root access as default. Users will now have the following root options:

  • Disabled
  • Enabled for ADB only
  • Enabled for apps only
  • Enabled for both

So will this be a welcome change in the root community? In what situations would you make use of this new function? Let us know what’s on your mind in the comments.

Source: CyanogenMod

  • Matthew Glass

    will this allow Play Movies app to work now, because that will call me nerves about all this root business.